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New Law Would Cut Back Squatters’ Rights

A recently introduced bill would attempt to roll back squatters’ rights in New York, making it easier for landlords to remove tenants occupying the premises illegally. The bill comes after a high profile case involving a woman arrested for changing the locks on a property she owns and alleged that there were squatters occupying the premises. If successful, the bill could have a dramatic effect on the rights of tenants throughout New York, not just for squatters.

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NYC Landlords Seek Increases for Rent Stabilized Apartments

Landlords attended a virtual hearing before the New York City Rent Guidelines Board on June 13, 2023, to ask for permission to raise rents for their rent stabilized apartments. Their rationale for asking for rent increases was to keep up with rising costs to maintain their apartment buildings, which have increased due to higher property taxes, maintenance costs, and insurance premiums. Tenant advocates want to keep rents from going up, expressing concerns about affordability in the city.

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“Good Cause” Eviction Bills See Resistance From Landlords

Landlords in New York have issued objections about proposed “good cause” eviction bills that they believe would endanger their ability to make money renting out their properties. These bills, which have been circulating in the New York State Assembly, would significantly restrict landlords’ ability to evict tenants, as well as potentially limit the extent to which landlords could increase rents. Tenant advocates, meanwhile, are pushing for the bills in the face of what they consider to be abusive practices by landlords.

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Five Terms You Should Be Aware of In Your Lease Agreement

A surprising number of people do not pay much attention to their lease agreement before they sign and commit themselves to what is a binding contract. Because of this, a surprising number of tenants (and even some landlords) will find themselves shocked to discover what their lease actually requires from them. Here are five terms you should be familiar with in your lease agreement, in case you get in a dispute with your landlord:

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NY State Legislature Extends Residential Eviction Moratorium

The New York State legislature passed a bill that extends the state’s moratorium on residential evictions until January 15, 2022. The bill extends the pre-existing eviction moratorium, which has been in effect since March, 2020. The extension comes as the moratorium expired on Tuesday night August 31, 2021, which could have resulted in thousands of New Yorkers being evicted and potentially homeless. Continue reading “NY State Legislature Extends Residential Eviction Moratorium”

Federal Eviction Moratorium Extended, But Problems Mount

The Biden Administration announced a new federal eviction moratorium. This moratorium will last until October 3, 2021.  This moratorium will protect many tenants from eviction until its expiration.  However, the new moratorium does not protect everyone, and concerns continue to mount about the high risk of potential homelessness once the moratorium finally expires. Continue reading “Federal Eviction Moratorium Extended, But Problems Mount”

Five Common Reasons for Constructive Eviction

A “constructive eviction” is the legal term for someone being chased out of their rented property due to inhospitable or inhabitable conditions. In other words, when someone has been subjected to a constructive eviction, they have effectively been kicked out of their home because it is no longer possible to live there in safety or comfort. Here are five of the most common reasons for constructive evictions: Continue reading “Five Common Reasons for Constructive Eviction”

Why Do People Sue Over Their Security Deposit?

Most landlords will require their tenants to give them a security deposit as part of their lease agreement. In theory, the security deposit is just meant to cover costs of any damage a tenant might cause to the apartment aside from normal wear and tear upon the tenant vacating the apartment with any unused money returned to the tenant. Some landlords may attempt to improperly keep the money from the deposit, which can lead to litigation. Here are just a few common reasons people sue over their security deposit: Continue reading “Why Do People Sue Over Their Security Deposit?”


“I want to take this time to thank Tanya and Keith for their professionalism and their ability to keep me calm during this process. Tanya was very helpful in explaining the whole guardianship process and my next steps. Despite my numerous emails, I never felt ignored or that they were growing weary of me. Even after being granted guardianship when I had an issue with the bank releasing money Tanya stayed calm and found a way to get what I was entitled to. I hope I never need to do this again but if I do, I will definitely come back to Tanya and her team. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Love from Bermuda.”

-K. Durham.
(An attorney in Bermuda transferring a Bermudian guardianship to NY)

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