Elder Law & Estate Planning

Elder Law

New York Elder Law Attorney

Hobson-Williams, P.C. has successfully defended clients who were accused of Medicaid fraud and clients who are sued by the city for Medicaid reimbursement. The firm has litigated and settled claims on behalf of clients and has successfully represented clients at Medicaid Fair Hearings. We have settled Medicaid claims for less than ten percent (10%) of the original Medicaid claim owed.



Estate Planning

New York Estate Planning Attorney

Creating a comprehensive estate plan that includes advance directives is an essential part of not only ensuring your loved ones will be taken care of when you are gone but also ensuring that your affairs will be handled if you find yourself unable to handle them yourself while you are still alive.



Medicaid Planning

New York Medicaid Planning Attorney

As people get older, their healthcare needs tend to change significantly. Even healthy people may one day find themselves in need of long-term healthcare assistance. Unfortunately, many people do not have a plan in place that addresses how they will pay for that kind of medical care. Hobson-Williams, P.C. has extensive experience with Medicaid planning and can help you position your assets to help you access Medicaid benefits.




New York Guardianship Attorney

If you have a loved one who is no longer capable of managing their affairs or you have already been appointed as a legal guardian, Hobson-Williams P.C. can assist you in completing the Guardianship process. The firm can prepare necessary documents, represent you and your loved ones at court hearings, and guide you through the continuing requirements of acting as a Legal Guardian.