Debt Collection Attorney

Hobson-Williams, P.C. has a full-service debt collections department, with experienced debt-collection attorneys who will aggressively represent your interests. The firm represents city and state agencies, as well as landlords and other creditors, in the collection of debts owed under loan agreements, retail installment contracts, secured transactions, negotiable instruments, promissory notes, for goods sold and delivered, and for services rendered. The firm’s legal professionals adhere to all Federal and State debt collection laws when dealing with debtors, and will handle your debt collection matters with speed and efficiency. Hobson-Williams, P.C. handles matters involving the following:

  • Judgement enforcements and post-judgement litigation
  • Actions for the collection of fees owed to Landlords, law firms, accountants, and other professionals
  • Bankruptcy Court proceedings
  • Filing and foreclosing on liens
  • Income executions and bank account restraints


Whether you are a government agency, landlord, or creditor, Hobson-Williams, P.C. will represent your interests aggressively and obtain the money you are owed. The firm has a strong track record in collections matters, resulting in an impressively high collections ratio and a long list of satisfied clients. Call our office today at (718) 210-4744 to discuss how our attorneys can help you with your debt collection matter.