Medicaid Fraud Defense Attorney

Medicaid is a joint state and Federal program that provides insurance to individuals based upon their income and resources, while Medicare is a federal program that provides medical insurance to the elderly.  State agencies, including the N.Y.S. Attorney General’s office, strictly monitor these programs for fraud and investigators may charge recipients with Medicaid fraud for:

  • Misrepresenting data on Medicaid applications
  • Receiving Medicaid incorrectly
  • Having too much income or resources
  • Not reporting income or resources
  • Intentionally receiving more services or products than needed
  • Loaning ID cards
  • Reselling medical supplies

Additionally, Medicaid service providers, including doctors, hospitals, and clinicians, may be charged with fraud for:

  • Prescribing unneeded services
  • Upcoding
  • Billing for services not rendered
  • Taking unnecessary bloodwork or x-rays

If you have been charged with Medicaid Fraud, you will likely be questioned by investigators and attorneys. Having an attorney with experience in Medicaid Fraud defense is essential to protect you from answering incriminating questions. Hobson-Williams, P.C. has successfully defended clients who were accused of Medicaid fraud and clients who are sued by the city and state of New York for Medicaid reimbursement. The firm has litigated and settled claims on behalf of clients. The firm’s skilled attorneys have secured settlement of Medicaid claims for their clients that are one-third of the original Medicaid claim owed.

If you have been accused of Medicaid fraud, an experienced Elder Law attorney can provide you with the legal representation and represent your interests during the Fraud investigation process. The attorneys at Hobson-Williams, P.C. have extensive experience defending clients accused of Medicaid fraud and are dedicated to securing the best outcomes possible for their clients. With offices conveniently located in Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx, the firm is dedicated to providing high quality legal representation.  Call (718) 210-4744 to arrange a consultation.

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“I want to take this time to thank Tanya and Keith for their professionalism and their ability to keep me calm during this process. Tanya was very helpful in explaining the whole guardianship process and my next steps. Despite my numerous emails, I never felt ignored or that they were growing weary of me. Even after being granted guardianship when I had an issue with the bank releasing money Tanya stayed calm and found a way to get what I was entitled to. I hope I never need to do this again but if I do, I will definitely come back to Tanya and her team. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Love from Bermuda.”

-K. Durham.
(An attorney in Bermuda transferring a Bermudian guardianship to NY)

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